Poetry 2.

Intricacies of the Model F Auto

Reaching for its peak
Monumentally grooving
(it) is like
Playing a song and right before it reaches its bass or kick-in; crescendo
You get stuck at a red light
Met with clenched jaw and cusped lips
Flicked off a felony of sirens
A curse meets the air that was saved and savored
The bones in your body dance loose and meet the skin you read as cold
That tongue does a jolly good show
Whispering its goodbyes and slow jams of a
Start up off the brake pedal
It’s alarm
Notifying the signal, the defeat of its motivation

Black as a nocturnal animal of the day

F*** you Jerry Rings out over the automobiles
Clanging in the yard adjacent

Tears, welling close to the bridge
Deep inhale no exhale as
Eyelids creep closer and meet in a dreary
(Jaws crack in spite)
Dream of acceleration

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Screenwriting Partial

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Poetry 1.

Excerpts from “Considered allowable scenes from a late-night date-night”

I can hear his deep heavy breathing in my ear.
It pleasantly shrouds the sound of voices that are a further distance away.
His hands swarm my body, like white bloods cells fighting an infection.
The thumb of his left hand caresses the part where my ribs begin.
I flinch, not in pain, but in silent amusement.
He prods again, knowingly, and I feel his smile, the walls of immaculate smooth opalescent pillars, against my lips.

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Lean With Me

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun